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DOT Training

On-site Customized Training Partnership

  • Hours of Service
  • Regulations and Exceptions
  • Log Book Preparing / Auditing
  • Log Book Training
  • Driver Safety/Vehicle Safety Training
  • Driver Fatigue/Distraction Orientation
  • Adverse Weather Driving Awareness
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Drivers
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Supervisors
  • Hazardous Materials (HM-126F)

Online Driver Training Partnership

  • Presidents Message
  • Company Policy Testing
  • CDL- CSA Compliance Based
    • Unsafe Driving
    • Hours-of-Service Compliance
    • Crash Indicator
    • Hazardous Materials Compliance
    • Controlled Substances and Alcohol
    • Driver Fitness
    • Vehicle Maintenance

NSC Defensive Driving Course (DDC4)

  • Blended learning methods to encourage greater student participation, small group interaction and improved learner retention
  • Multimedia presentation featuring hazard condition re-enactments and driving scenarios to provide students the knowledge for real-life situations
  • Multiple testing strategies, knowledge checks and a final exam to ensure that participants reach a desired level of competency
  • Six 10-minute supplemental modules that companies can opt to teach based on safety issues or incident trends

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