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Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training

Mandatory Drug & Alcohol Awareness for Drivers and Supervisors

As part of  the transportation industry it is imperative that supervisors know how to detect the use of illegal drugs and misuse of alcohol by employees carrying out safety-sensitive functions.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), has regulations designed to prevent accidents and injuries resulting from the misuse of drugs and alcohol.  Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMVs), drivers are required to be in compliance with these regulations during the period of the work day.

Blakeman & Associates offers on-site Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training for both drivers and supervisors.  Companies, supervisors and drivers all have responsibilities to know what the FMCSA rules and regulations are regarding the impact of drug and alcohol misuse.  Let Blakeman & Associates help create a controlled substance and alcohol-free work place.

These on-site training courses will explain the responsibilities of each

  • Company
  • Supervisor
  • Driver

...and how each should be able to identify

  • signs of misuse
  • what test(s) are required and when
  • reporting procedures

Training solutions can also be partnered with other Client specific programs such as an employee assistance program. Contact a Blakeman & Associates representative today to discuss your situation and develop a company specific plan.