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DOT Manuals

The new-hire process and employment requirements for Department of Transportation applicants/employees is a minefield for the uninformed. Our DOT compliance services take the guesswork out of each step with our new hire paperwork, policies, and forms. Using the most current policies and procedures to screen applicants combined with an effective training program for employees and supervisors, driver safety can be improved, and liability can be greatly reduced.

Our manuals include client-specific policies, procedures and information to ensure regulatory requirements are met. We review any policies currently used by the client and integrate these into a complete and customized manual. This manual includes HR, Safety, Vehicles and DOT policies and forms. Policies such as Drug and Alcohol, Hours of Service, Traffic Violation Citations, Hazardous Materials and General Safety Practices.

DOT Package

  • Applications – Compliant for Ban the Box and DOT requirements
  • Conditional Offer Packet – Meets DOT, Ban the Box, fair hiring ordinance, and FCRA compliance requirements and best practice medical review and training requirements
  • New Hire Documents – Meets federal and state requirements while providing employer protections and easily supports DQ file and hours of service requirements.
  • Notifications for work compensation options in Texas
  • Texas Payday Law
  • Agreements to limit liability – arbitration, jury waivers, non-competes
  • Form I9
  • IRS
  • Our forms support Driver Qualification file and vehicle inspection requirements.

Drug & Alcohol & Transportation Policies

Includes necessary policies and best practice employer tools to help you address everyday challenges without worrying about what’s legal.

Employers can purchase a onetime comprehensive manual, À la carte policies and/or documents or sign up for our manual retainer service to ensure your company always has the most up to date compliant material. Contact a Blakeman & Associates representative today to discuss your situation and develop a company specific plan.