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Did you know that all mandatory Federal and State employment related posters are available free of charge? You are also welcome to seek counsel from Blakeman & Associates before determining which posters are specifically required for your business. Blakeman provides these posters as a free resource to our clients, future clients, and business owners.

To determine the Federal posters required for your business, complete the E-laws advisor below:

Federal Poster Advisor E-Laws

Examples of possible posters:

From the Department of Aging and Disability Services website:

Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) is mandated to create and provide nursing facilities with one of the posters required by Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 40, Part 1, Chapter 19, §19.1921(e), the notice of how to file a complaint, giving the toll-free telephone number.

DADS has also created and makes available to providers a few other postings required by 40 TAC, Chapter 19, including the following:

  • a notice that inspection and survey reports are available at the facility for public inspection; the statement of resident rights;
  • a notice that employees, residents, volunteers, family members and guardians of residents are protected from discrimination or retaliation for reporting abuse or neglect of a resident; and
  • a sign that persons may not enter the premises with a concealed handgun.

**This is not intended as a comprehensive list of posters required by DADS**

Individual posters or complete sets of these posters can be obtained by calling DADS Regulatory Services Records Management at (512) 438-2633 or e-mailing a request to

Texas Required Posters

Comprehensive information and links to required posters (all free of charge) are found here on the TWC website.

Posters should be displayed in such a way that each employee can readily see them (generally, the requirements have language such as “conspicuously placed” and “readily accessible” to employees). That would mean that employees who do not normally get to certain offices would not be served by posters displayed at those offices. The offices, or sub-offices, where those employees normally congregate would need to have the posters displayed for the benefit of the employees who are served by each such location.

Unemployment Compensation

Businesses whose employees are entitled to file for state unemployment benefits and are also covered by the Texas Payday Law should request the poster that combines both laws: Texas Unemployment Compensation Act and Texas Payday Law.

Note: We have removed account specific information from this poster.

You can download the customizable poster below or through Unemployment Tax Services, or request a copy by email or fax, or by contacting your tax office:

When requesting by email or fax, include your mailing address and specify whether you want English or Spanish.

Employer's Notice of Ombudsman Program

All employers participating in the workers’ compensation system shall post notice of the Office of Injured Employee Counsel’s (OIEC) Ombudsman Program.

This notice shall be posted in the personnel office, if the employer has a personnel office, and in the workplace where each employee is likely to see the notice on a regular basis.

This notice of the Ombudsman Program shall be publicly posted in English, Spanish, and any other language that is common to the employer’s employees.

This notice shall be the text provided by OIEC without any additional words or changes and may be obtained by:

  • Requesting the notice by calling OIEC’s toll-free telephone number at: 1-866-EZE-OIEC (1-866-393-6432).

Workers' Compensation Resources for Employers

Workers’ compensation is a state-regulated insurance system that provides covered employees with income and medical benefits if they are injured on the job or have a work-related injury or illness. Workers’ compensation insurance coverage limits an employer’s liability if an employee brings suit against the employer for damages. In Texas, private employers can choose whether or not to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Texas employers who do not carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage are required to report their non-coverage status and work-related injuries and occupational diseases to the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC). Employers who do carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage are required to report all known occupational disease and any work-related injuries that result in more than one day of lost time. Employers that fail to meet these requirements commit an administrative violation and may be subject to administrative penalties.

Earned Income Tax Credit

Texas employers must notify their employees of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) no later than March 1st of each year.  The Internal Revenue Service provides EITC materials including posters.

Workers' Compensation

The Texas Department of Insurance provides Workers’ Compensation Employer Forms and Notices:

Workers’ Compensation Posters

All employers are required to inform their employees whether or not they carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage. It is advised the notice be publicly posted in English, Spanish, and any other language that is common to the employer’s employees.

»      Notice Employer Carries Workers’ Compensation – English

»      Notice Employer Carries Workers’ Compensation – Spanish

»      Notice Employer Carries Workers’ Compensation – Vietnamese

»      Notice Employer Does Not Carry Workers’ Compensation – English

»      Notice Employer Does Not Carry Workers’ Compensation – Spanish

»      Notice Employer Does Not Carry Workers’ Compensation – Vietnamese

Notice Regarding Certain Work-Related Communicable Diseases and Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Employers of emergency medical service employees, paramedics, fire fighters, law enforcement officers, or correctional officers and state agencies must post a notice informing employees about requirements regarding work-related exposures to reportable communicable diseases and eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits.

»      Notice – English

»      Notice – Spanish

Required Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Governmental entities have posting requirements for building or construction projects.

»      Notice – English

»      Notice – Spanish

Other Texas Required Posters

Additional Posters for Public Employers

Public employers, including Workforce Solutions Offices, may be required to display additional posters.

»      Whistleblower Act: You Have the Right to Not Remain Silent

»      Texas Hazard Communication Act

»      Job Service Complaint System – English & Spanish

These are posters typically required for employers in Texas. For posters required in other states, contact Blakeman & Associates.