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Positive Energy for Mondays

Do you start Mondays in a funk? Is it difficult to find your mojo each Monday morning? You might try to find some positive energy. Today we share examples of how you can surround yourself little boosts of positivity to help you feel motivated again. By building a toolbox of things you know will motivate you, you’re able to reach in and out when you feel a lull coming.

  • Find inspiring podcasts. We shared this tip to boost your mental health as well Find some to listen to and don’t become consumed in solely listening to “motivational” business related topics either.  Some of our most inspiring podcast episodes have come from funny topics which give us joy.
  • Create a phone screen or laptop wallpaper vision board so you can feel get that hit of excitement and high vibes throughout the day. Seriously, make your phone screen your inspiration even if it is one photo. Make sure when you look at your phone is brings a smile.
  • Pull together some inspirational videos on YouTube.  Find videos on your hobby or something you would like to learn. Watch your favorite speakers. YouTube has so much to offer now.
  • If motivational quotes are your thing then save and print your favorite to place then around your workspace.  We have a few around our office, one of our favorite says…that risk you’re afraid to take could be the one thing that changes your entire life.
  • An amazing way to raise your vibrations and in turn feel slightly more motivated is to move your body. And it doesn’t have to be a gym session, play your favorite tunes and dance in your kitchen. It’s an amazing way to release those endorphins.

We hope this post on Monday motivation tips helps you in some way feel ready for the week ahead, feeling slightly more in control and optimistic. Do you have any Monday motivation tips that you can share to help others get out of a slump?  Leave us a comment below and let’s chat. 

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