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Company Specific Safety Manuals

Employers have an obligation to provide written documentation addressing the hazards employees encounter in the workplace. Blakeman & Associates assembles a customized manual to help ensure compliance with current state and federal OSHA regulations using policies, handbooks, forms. Whether your business requires General Industry, Construction Industry, or a combination of the two, our safety consulting services help employers understand when and which regulations apply to their business. The manuals we create contain programs addressing general safety concerns, emergency response plans, and more. Our fully customized option includes detailed discussions and review of the employer’s facilities to identify hazards, determine which standards apply and can include review of current materials. Our team develops company-specific programs to address hazards unique to their workplace or provides booklets in English and Spanish of the OSHA regulations that apply.

Our manuals include client-specific policies, procedures and information to ensure regulatory requirements are met. We review any policies currently used by the client and integrate these into a complete and customized manual.  This manual includes OSHA required Written Programs such as Fall Protection, Hazardous Energy Control, Hazardous Communication, Personal Protective Equipment.   We also include an important section titled Occupation Health and Safety which includes statements on: Responsibilities, Committees, Inspections, Accident Investigation, OSHA Reporting and Disciplinary Policy.

Contact a Blakeman & Associates representative today to discuss your situation and develop a company specific plan.