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SafeLandUSA Training

Blakeman & Associate’s SafeLandUSA training is one of our most popular safety training options for contractors that work in the oil and gas industry. Because of the industry-specific hazards, many contractors are in need of SafeLand training for their employees. Blakeman provides the flexibility of on-site training in English or Spanish even for last minute needs. Whether you have a few individuals or a group of employees that need SafeLandUSA training, Blakeman provides a flexible and convenient solution.

What Is SafeLandUSA?

SafeLandUSA is an organization that develops a universal standard of safety excellence in the oil and gas industry. The organization is comprised of three groups: the SafeLand Advisory Group (SLAG), accrediting organizations, and training providers.

  • SafeLand Advisory Group
    The SLAG group represents companies such as Marathon Oil, Anadarko, BP NAG, ExxonMobil, Shell E&P, Baker Hughes, and others. Volunteers from each of these companies act as an oversight committee, responsible for syllabus development, accreditation services, SafeLandUSA industry expansion, and more.
  • Accrediting Agencies
    To provide a consistent orientation for the onshore oil and gas industry, an accrediting method was developed for orientations to ensure requirements are satisfied by every training provider. There are three accrediting organizations endorsed by SLAG that ensure training providers comply with current requirements. These accrediting organizations are PEC Premier, the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), and the Energy Training Council (ETC).
  • Training Providers
    Training providers are businesses, companies, or organizations who provide SafeLandUSA training (the orientation) under the accreditation of one of the agencies listed above. Examples of training providers include contractors, service companies, third party training organizations, and more. Blakeman & Associates provides PEC Premier SafeLandUSA Training to businesses around the country, principally in Texas.

What is SafeLand Training?

SafeLand training is a required orientation that covers topics in safety, awareness, and best practices. The training course typically takes about 9 hours to complete and class size can be up to 25 employees. Topics discussed in the orientation training include confined space, rigging, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), lockout/tag-out, fall protection, and more.

SafeLand Training is a requirement for businesses associated with oil and gas companies and most people do not realize just how many companies are impacted by the oil and gas industry. For example, a landscaping company that picks weeds on an oil/gas company’s property would be required to have SafeLand training based on association and interaction. Although the landscaping company isn’t technically an oil and gas-related business, because of the relationship between the two companies, the SafeLand training requirement applies. SafeLand training is recommended for all contractors who work around the oil and gas industries. Regardless of whether or not it is specifically required, it is a great orientation to the most common hazards affecting oil and gas contractors.

Blakeman & Associates’ SafeLandUSA Training

Blakeman is a PEC Premier approved SafeLandUSA training provider. Whether your company needs one or multiple employees trained, Blakeman & Associates offers SafeLandUSA training solutions to meet your needs. Blakeman provides on-site SafeLand training throughout the country in English or Spanish and can accommodate last minute training requirements for contractors. For companies that only need to train a few employees, Blakeman offers scheduled classes in our office, usually on the first Friday of each month. It is important to note that the SafeLand course has extensive testing throughout and a non-fluent English speaker may have trouble successfully completing an English-only course. For individuals with English as the second language, Blakeman recommends taking a Spanish-only course.


What Companies Require SafeLand Training?
There are a handful of companies that require SafeLand training of their associated contractors. A few of these include Anadarko, BHP, Halcon, and Marathon.

Who Is Required to Have SafeLand Training?
The contractors that work on the job site of the companies mentioned above in the oil and gas industry.

How Long Is The SafeLand Course?
The SafeLand training course can usually be completed in one day by individuals and groups up to 25.

Can I Schedule On-Site SafeLand Training For My Employees?
Yes. Blakeman & Associates typically conducts on-site training in English or Spanish around the country.

Is SafeLand Training Required Annually?
Currently the SafeLand training is a one-time requirement unless your customer requires an annual renewal. If you have previously completed your SafeLand training while employed at a different company, you may be able to have your card reissued under a new employer’s name.

Will I Receive a Certificate of Completion After Taking the Course?
Yes. Blakeman provides certificates to students immediately following completion of the course and PEC will mail a permanent copy of the photo ID shortly after.

Is There a Difference Between PEC Premier, the IADC, and the ETC?
Blakeman believes that PEC Premier maintains a higher level of quality control and is the most widely recognized agency among the three in the oil and gas industry.

How Much Does Blakeman’s SafeLand Training Cost?
Visit our SafeLand Training page to learn more about the specifics of our on-site training, class schedule, cost, inclusions, and more.