5 Panel iCup w/Adulterants


Five Panel iCup W/Adulterants is a more enhanced way to perform a drug test. This test cup uses a top notch temperature strip, which provides you with the highest quality. With a flat front test, you can easily perform a photocopy of the results. This test cup has a photocopy template, which can be used with your copy machine. For prevention and safety, you receive security seals and most models will have built-in adulteration test. With an all-in-one feature, this requires no tipping, dipping, or pouring. You can simply collect the sample and view the results, which produces fast results. This test has 3-13 panel tests and a two-part result form that is available at no additional charge. Most combinations include adulterants. Store at room temperature.

  • Includes Photocopy Template
  • Results within 5 Minutes
  • Built-in Adulteration
  • 18 Month Shelf Life
  • Easy to Read Results
  • Built-in Temp Strip

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COC300,MAMP1000,AMP1000,OPI2000,THC50 (OX,PH,SG)

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