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BLAKEMAN & ASSOCIATES can assist you with all of your hiring needs. Whether you need a temporary team member to assist with a short term project or a permanent full-time employee, we offer a fast and efficient solution. Hiring professionals for safety, engineering, scientific, sales or just about anything else, our recruiting services specialists identify the hard-to-find talent that you need. We have on-staff experienced professionals, skilled in the art and science of finding rare talent who also utilize the interview techniques that can separate those individuals that possess the required skills versus those that pretend to be experts.
Recruiting great team members is a time consuming and exhaustive process that many companies don’t have the resources to execute properly. Additionally, recruiting tools can be cost prohibitive for one off searches and techniques change frequently as social media evolves. Our team relies on proprietary data mining algorithms that scour the internet for talent obscured from most search techniques; giving you a clear advantage to reach talent prior to your competitors. If you lack the time, desire, or resources to recruit hard to find talent, then let us handle them for you.
Our service model is simple: If you don’t hire the talented individuals we identify for you, there is no charge… PERIOD.

Contact a Blakeman & Associates representative today to launch your search.