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HR Consulting Services

Why B&A HR?

The HR Team at B&A understands our clients face risk all day every day. Understanding how complex regulatory compliance requirements fit with industry best practice and how best to apply to your particular situation is critical in making big and small decisions daily from the boardroom to the front-line and everywhere in-between. Our HR consulting services arm ownership, managers, and front line supervisors with the necessary information, resources, documents, onsite support, and training to reduce your company’s risk proactively or in the event of an emergency.

B&A HR consultants understand the critical overlap of laws and which take priority in a given situation. For example; an employee injury doesn’t only involve workers’ comp, FMLA, FLSA, RTW, and other policy concerns may also apply and you need to know how/when they do. Although there is a wealth of information available on the internet, interpreting them correctly and knowing what other laws touch the issue can be time consuming and misleading. Our consultants have spent years learning the various ways policies and regulations intertwine and can provide valuable insight and guidance in navigating these overlaps. B&A consultants also are up to date on the latest changes, revisions, and mandates in all HR arenas.

Do you ever wonder if you are paying properly, if your employees are classified correctly, if job descriptions and policies contain necessary information? Are you confident about the handbook you provide your employees and that you conduct appropriate necessary training? B&A is here to help with all of the above; we offer a wide variety of service levels and products to meet your needs.

Compliance Partnership Program

We work collaboratively and proactively with your leadership team on and off site to evaluate and implement recommended policies, practices and training from a strategic level down to the tactical level. We can assess the pain points your business has and structure a custom plan to address key areas with every level of management through audits, training and policy/procedure/document creation.  We have several plans available to fit your needs.  Ask our team how to find the right level of support for your needs.

Crisis Management/Special Service Support

B&A would “parachute” in on an as need basis for urgent matters such as DOL, EEOC, investigations including onsite representation or unique services that may include compensation surveys, trainings, and audits. We can also provide one time training or onsite services that you haven’t been able to get to. We know you are busy, let us provide support for your team today.

HR Policies/Procedures/Hiring Documents/Forms

The B&A Team maintains up to date written materials that provide the employer with the best protections while ensuring compliance. Our complete HR package includes hiring documents, forms and policy manual that make compliance at each step of the employee life cycle easy.  We also offer fully customized products by reviewing your existing policies assist in revising as needed and can problem solve with you to address common problems that zap your time using policy, processes and forms.  If you are secure that your processes and documentation are compliant we can provide standalone items as well.

Employee Confidential Compliance Hotline Service

If you are committed to maintaining a safe and compliant work environment, this is the tool for you! The Employee Confidential Compliance Hotline is a service that acts as a communication channel between the employer, employee, or customer. Our staff of trained operators document the call and deliver the information back to the employer. The information is documented exactly as received, then scrubbed for identifiers that may remove the anonymity of the caller. Having this communication buffer allows problems to be handled quickly and in-house, while preventing the company from unnecessary exposure to liability. This service is highly recommended as a mitigating tool to address discrimination, harassment, and immigration violations, whether the issue is with employees or customers.  We can also provide guidance on the best practice approach through one of our many subject matter experts.