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Drug Testing Supplies

Purchase all of your drug test kits and alcohol testing supplies from Blakeman & Associates. We offer several solutions for drug testing and alcohol testing to ensure your company’s productivity stays up and health care costs stay down. According to Drug Free America Foundation, Inc (DFAF), companies will often see higher rates of absenteeism and more accidents in the workplace from employees with substance abuse issues. Drug and alcohol testing sends a clear message to your employees that the use of illegal substances in the workplace is not acceptable. The DFAF also reports that employees who use drugs are a full 33% less productive than their non-using counterparts, which costs companies in the US billions each and every year.

Alcohol is an issue for employers as well. The US Department of Labor has stated that 20% of workers have had to cover for a co-worker, redo their work, work harder or have been put in danger because of a co-worker’s drinking. We offer both the I-Screen Saliva Alcohol Test and a Breath Alcohol Test to curb the use of alcohol at your business.

Depending on the kind of business you run, your company may be required to test employees for illicit drug use. In certain states and in certain situations, employers may be entitled to discounts on their worker’s compensation insurance premiums if they have a drug testing program in place.

Drug Tests Available

  • I-Screen Saliva Alcohol Test (I-SA-25)
  • I-Cup, 5 Panel Drug Screen (I-DUA-157-013)
  • I-Cup, 9 Panel Drug Screen (I-DUA-197-013)
  • I-Screen, One Step Drug Card (IS5MP)
  • I-Screen, Oral Fluid Drug Screen (I-DSB-765-011)
  • I-Cassette, 5 Panel Drug Screen (I-DOA-1155)
  • I-Cassette, 5 Panel Drug Screen (I-DOA-2155)
  • Breath Alcohol Test (I-BA-02)
  • Confirmation Kit with MRO (Oral-2406)
  • Confirmation Kit with MRO (Urine-2405)
  • Collection Cup with Temperature Strip (190058)
  • 10 Panel Key Cup (DOA-21107-019)
  • I-Cup AD, 9 Panel (I-DUA-197-014)
  • DrugSmart 5 Panel Drug Screen Cup (60500D)

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