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PEC® Compliance Services

Blakeman & Associates is a PEC Premier Contractor Management Account Administrator for clients throughout the United States. We have the experience, credentials and history of excellence you need to handle your PEC compliance. PEC Premier is a software program for vetting contractors. It takes a contractor’s company history, safety and training statistics and evaluates them based on the specific requirements of the participating oil & gas Operators.

Our PEC® compliance services assist contractors so they may achieve the best grade allowed by their statistical history. Contractors should note that some grades can only be raised with time while others can be improved with effective safety programs and training. Contractors that only supply the information that an Operator wants to see and hear can face substantial liabilities. Therefore it is critical to supply all of the information that applies to the contractor’s daily operations. We will take the contractor through each step of the process in order to help the contractor understand and control how they are represented to their customer.

Blakeman & Associates offers:

  • Partial or 100% assistance to complete your SSQ.
  • Review and submission of OSHA 300 Logs.
  • All Safety Programs written to PEC Premier standards.
  • Unsurpassed client focused maintenance and customer support.
  • Training Tracker document uploads (SafeLandUSA/SafeGulf, SEMS, HUET Certification, Safe Work Practices, Training Matrix, Bridging Documents).
  • SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf orientation classes.
  • SEMS Suite management.