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BROWZ Compliance Services

Only trust a company that has the history, experience and credentials to handle your BROWZ compliance.  BROWZ is an international company that simplifies the process of communication between clients and their contractors/suppliers.

As your Contractor Management Account Administrator, Blakeman & Associates offers more than just bits and pieces of what you need to become BROWZ compliant. We are THE ONLY Company that has the complete solution for your regulatory woes.

Blakeman & Associates has the resources and depth of knowledge to assist your company with your complex compliance hurdles. Please contact our BROWZ compliance services team today for specific details on how we can take the worry and stress out of your compliance to-do list.

Blakeman & Associates Offers:

  • Partial or 100% assistance to complete your PQF.
  • Review and submittal of OSHA 300 Logs and Insurance Documentation.
  • Unsurpassed client focused maintenance customer support.

Contact a Blakeman & Associates representative to discuss your situation and develop a company specific plan.