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Avetta Certification

Avetta compiles a contractor’s company history, training, insurance, and safety statistics and evaluates the contractor based on the specific requirements of the participating Oil & Gas Operator. The information submitted to Avetta is formulated into a color-coded grading system of the contractor, giving the contractor a baseline standard on how Avetta Operators evaluate their safety programs, training, insurance and PQF questionnaire.

This system gives the contractor a chance to view their strengths and weaknesses and help the contractor improve any deficiencies they may have. This grading system can be substantially affected by not navigating the maze of requirements properly.

Blakeman & Associates helps contractors achieve the best Avetta certification grade possible given their statistical history by utilizing the following services:

  • Safety Training
  • Safety Programs
  • Grade Mitigation Strategies
  • Compliance Consultation and Navigation
  • Account Maintenance

While certain grades can only be raised with time, there are others that can be improved with the right safety programs and training. Blakeman provides guidance through each step of the process in order to help the contractor understand and better control how they are represented to their customer. After navigating the approval process, Blakeman offers a tiered annual account maintenance program that is designed specifically to the needs of our small and large clients around the country.