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Heat Stress Prevention

Blakeman & Associates hosts hydration expert, Todd Worley, to learn about the importance of keeping your team safe in the summer heat.

Todd received his BS in Engineering Technology from Texas A&M University in 1987. He has been involved in the industrial PPE and safety equipment supply chain for 33 years, most recently joining the Kent Precision Foods Group representing Squincher Industrial in the southwest United States. General duties include heat stress and hydration assessments and training for clients in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

The hot days of summer are almost here. Be prepared with our heat stress training. We will review heat related illness symptoms and appropriate responses as well as OSHA recommendations for prevention. Hydration best practices. Preexisting medical conditions in the US workforce that can exacerbate heat illness and hydration, and will conclude with workplace assessment protocol.

The webinar will also include Monica Beynaerts, Business Development, Coastal Ice, and Lee Salazar, CEO, Blakeman & Associates.

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