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Michele McCarter Resigns from Blakeman

Montgomery, May 17, 2021— Michele McCarter Resigns from Blakeman, For Immediate Release

Blakeman & Associates today announced that Michele McCarter, Vice President of Human Resources and Quality, has decided to resign effective May 21, 2021.

McCarter has served in her current role since 2010, and prior to that, served for a multi-state furniture retailer for ten years and rose through the ranks to Vice President of Human Resources.

During McCarter’s tenure as VP of HR & Quality, she played a critical role in helping Blakeman adapt to significant changes in the management and leadership. In the process, she served as a champion for establishing processes and contributed significantly to the culture of regulatory compliance.

“McCarter has contributed 11 years to Blakeman, and her achievements will not be forgotten. She has held leadership roles within our company. Her work ethic, command of compliance, devotion and client focus have been exemplary at the company,” said Lee Salazar, CEO of Blakeman & Associates. “McCarter has been a mentor to many, and her influence has made an indelible impact at our company. I want to thank McCarter for all she’s done for the development and progress of Blakeman.”

“Michele McCarter will be missed. She has become like family to us. I look forward to continuing to work closely with our team in building our company, serving our expanding market, and delivering strong results for our clients,” said Linda Williams, Owner of Blakeman & Associates.

As Blakeman moves forward, clients can contact their Human Resources Team who has over 30 years’ experience staying up to date on the latest changes, revisions, and mandates in all HR arenas.

ABOUT Blakeman & Associates

Blakeman & Associates was established in 1988 to provide businesses with resources for their safety and human resource compliance needs. Although originally focused on providing “General Industry” safety and HR services, Blakeman & Associates adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of clients and provide solutions for numerous industry-specific compliance and regulatory issues in areas of Safety, HR, DOT, *ISNetworld®, and more.


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