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Positive Work Week

Does your team dread Mondays? What do you offer to support them in their mental health? One way to support your team is offer a Weekly Check-In. The graphic is a simple tool anyone can use on their own or in a group.

Here are a few keys to starting your week in a positive way –

  • 🔑 Give Yourself Extra Time in the Morning
  • 🔑 Drink Water
  • 🔑 Exercise
  • 🔑 Read Motivational or Inspirational
  • 🔑 Eat Low Sugar Breakfast
  • 🔑 Set Small Goals & Review Progress Regularly
  • 🔑 Make Daily Schedule
  • 🔑 Make a Positive Mindset
  • 🔑 Give Yourself Grace

What are ways you ensure you and your team’s week goes well? Share them with us.

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