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2021 Leadership View

A recent Gallup poll reported that mental health and emotional well-being have taken a nose dive, dropping to their lowest since 2001. The good news is that many business leaders insist this unprecedented mental health crisis requires companies to make mental health and wellness a priority.

In the coming year, we must advocate for a more humanized workplace where workers are treated as people first, employees second. Employees want to work for a company that values them and has their best interests in mind. As leaders, we must be aware of the unique needs of this time and meet those needs with a true spirit of compassion. Our companies will all have a better chance to thrive.

Be sure to read “Navigate the Next Normal” for more on the 2021 workplace. Blakeman and Associates team has extensive experience in creating workplaces that win. We want to support leaders to empower and grow their teams this year. Contact us today.