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Mental Health Tips in the Workplace

Employers are facing a moment of reckoning for employee wellbeing. The pandemic’s impact on our mental health will be severe and persistent. An important part of addressing the “second wave” of COVID-19-related anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress which will last far beyond the widespread availability of a vaccine. Employers were already taking steps to develop workplace mental health programs before COVID-19 – but now the urgency is even greater. Here are tips for employers from the One Mind at Work Global Forum.

Flip the Script! Reframe – and rebalance our perception of work and its role in our lives. When leaders – bring empathy, hope, trust and compassion to their organizations the workplace, in fact, can be a source of positivity that energizes and fulfills employees to help them show up as the best version of themselves in other parts of their lives.

Strengthen the Mind-Body Connection. The American Heart Association, shares emerging research that is proving how the connection between poor mental health and poor heart health is more than behavioral – it is biological and chemical, and therefore treatment should be holistic.

Listen with the intention of what employees expect from the organization. This is simple. All workers must feel represented & heard by the organization.

Implement Workplace Mental Health. Businesses are coming to understand the urgency of implementing these programs. Many are facing budget constraints or underperformance as a result of COVID-19. Tele-Doc services & other digital therapies are filling a key gap in need and budget.

2020 create challenges and critical issues for employers. Blakeman & Associates is your strategic partner brining solutions and best practices for your team. Contact us to learn how we can support your business today!