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ISN RAVS® And Safety Manuals

Writing Your Own Safety Manual For ISN® Compliance

ISNetworld® provides numerous benefits to contractors and Owners/Clients, but a common testimonial from our clients is that they find navigating and maintaining the ISNetworld® database a complicated and time-consuming process. It is certainly feasible for contractors to manage their ISN® compliance on their own, but for years Blakeman & Associates has provided assistance with this process.

Often there is a false sense of confidence when it comes to ISN RAVS®, which are intended as Review And Verification of your current safety programs. When purchased from other companies, the buyer may think they are OSHA compliant simply because they have ISN-compliant safety programs (RAVS®). Since RAVS® serve as verification of existing safety programs, it is essential to have a knowledgeable expert review both a company’s safety programs and RAVS® to know which may be non-compliant. Too many other companies package the RAVS® as a legitimate safety program rather than developing the RAVS® from the existing safety programs, leaving the unsuspecting company at risk for non-compliance.

Since RAVS® serve as proof of existing required safety programs, it is imperative to have both to become ISNetworld® compliant.

Although it may be tempting to try and write your own safety manuals, there are a number of important risks to be considered. ISN®’s compliance standards for safety manuals (and RAVS®.) are extensive and writing an ISN®-approved manual can be tricky for a person unfamiliar with the process. It is not enough to just personalize a generic template and guess at which programs are required for your company. In addition, there is a distinct difference between OSHA-approved safety manuals and those acceptable to ISNetworld®. Safety programs that are acceptable to ISN® may not be up to OSHA’s standards for safety manuals. To read more about the difference between RAVS® and Safety manuals, visit this page for information.

What Is In A Manual?

A comprehensive safety manual should be reviewed by an industry expert to determine the following factors, among others:

  • Does it satisfy the requirements of ISNetworld® for the company’s industry?
  • Does it satisfy the requirements of OSHA or other involved regulatory agencies?
  • Is the terminology correct according to ISNetworld® compliance standards?
  • Does the manual account for overlap of industry-specific required programs?

If writing a manual yourself, it would be necessary to determine which specific programs are required for your company, its industry, and what regulatory requirements also apply. Because of the complexity involved when programs, regulations, and work activity overlap, you would need extensive knowledge and experience with this process to understand which direction to take with your manual.

This is where Blakeman can help. Having spent more than 25 years assisting businesses in compliance services, Blakeman & Associates’ team of experts have invaluable experience to offer when it comes to writing safety manuals and programs. From OSHA-compliant safety programs and manuals to ISNetworld® RAVS®, Blakeman & Associates can help you with all your safety and compliance concerns. Contact us today to talk with our consultants and see how we can help your company.

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