HAZMAT Training

Many violations given by The Department of Transportation (DOT),  regarding Hazardous Materials  (HAZMAT) can be prevented with proper training to employees dealing with hazardous materials.  HAZMAT education should be considered a critical element before an accident, occurrence or audit, by supervisors and management instead of after.  The FMCSA HAZMAT regulation mandates that any HAZMAT employer must train, test and certify every employee who, in the scope of their employment, has any direct function that affects the safe transportation of hazardous materials.  This requirement insures that the employee handling the hazardous material has been certified to load, unload, handle, store and transport hazardous materials safely.

Blakeman & Associates offers HAZMAT training on-site instruction.  Our client specific DOT Safety Manual includes a section on HAZMAT.  With the proper training, testing and certification employees  will have first-hand knowledge and skills to properly evaluate HAZMAT situations like :


  • ♦be able to inspect HAZMAT before/after shipment
  • ♦knowing what labeling, place cards and documentation is needed for the transportation of HAZMAT
  • ♦prepare and secure hazmat for secure shipment
  • ♦proper procedures for attending your vehicle during transportation of HAZMAT
  • ♦proper disposing/decontaminating  procedures and of HAZMAT if in a accident/incident
  • ♦be able to very detailed information regarding a HAZMAT incident to managers,  fire fighters, police and other authorities in case of emergency.


Always be confident that your employees are properly trained and have the knowledge to handle any situation when handling HAZMAT.  Contact Blakeman & Associates today for class details and availability.