Visit our Virtual University with training topics including:

  • Certified Financial Planning CE
  • Cosmetology CE
  • DOT Training
  • OSHA – Construction
  • Alcohol Seller/Server
  • Traffic School/Defensive Driving
  • And many more!

Blakeman & Associates provides customized services to best meet a client’s logistical challenges that typically occur when operating in different locations, states, or under unique regulatory jurisdictions. Blakeman & Associates can assist you in fulfilling your regulatory compliance obligations by supplying training for your employees and supervisors.

Our staff of experienced professionals are knowledgeable in areas of human resources, employee management, transportation management, occupational health and safety, and environmental health and safety. If you lack the time, desire, or resources to focus on these concerns, let us handle them for you. We offer training on-site, online, and in English or Spanish.

  • Health & Safety Training
  • SafeLandUSA/SafeGulf
  • Human Resources Training
  • DOT & HAZMAT Training
  • Online University
  • Nursing Home Training


    Health & Safety Training

    Employers often wonder what their training responsibilities are when it comes to safety in the workplace. As a general rule, if an employer introduces an employee to a hazard, that employee must be trained to recognize and work safely around that hazard. Most companies are not aware of the extent of safety hazards that their employees are normally exposed to on a daily basis.

    In addition, employers have limited understanding of the depth of training required to not only meet, but also to exceed regulatory obligations. Blakeman can advise employers on understanding the differences and needs for safety meetings, awareness training, as well as the few areas requiring competent level training. Blakeman & Associates offers online and on-site training covering key health and safety topics, such as:

  • OSHA required training for General Industry 1910 and Construction 1926
  • OSHA 10 & 30 Hour courses
  • Key employee training (for supervisors)
  • SafeLand/SafeGulf training
  • General health and safety training
  • For general health and safety, our consultants train for OSHA related topics as well. This includes accident investigation, forklift safety, hazardous energy control, bloodborne pathogens, fall protection, and much more. For a full list of our health and safety training, contact us.


    Blakeman & Associates offers the PEC Premier SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf Basic Orientation training courses in English or Spanish. We offer onsite SafeLandUSA/SafeGulf training for a flat fee but for the companies that need to train just one or two employees, Blakeman also provides monthly smaller group/individual sessions in the Blakeman office. Regardless of whether your customer requires the SafeLandUSA course, we recommend this course for oil and gas contractors that want to introduce their employees to the hazards of the industry. It effectively raises awareness for the most commonplace hazards on oil & gas worksites. Our SafeLand training section (coming soon) provides additional information.

    Human Resources Training

    With decades of experience in employee management, HR training and auditing, Blakeman & Associates is your go-to resource for human resources training. Training your HR department to properly recruit, hire, and develop new employees will strengthen the overall structure of your workforce. Long-term employees are the result of having a well-rounded and competent HR department.

    Our consultants provide training in basic management and leadership, communication and interviewing skills, team building, and time management. Additionally, we instruct on how to deal with conflict management and customer service. To learn more about the specific training we provide, visit our Human Resources page.

    DOT & HAZMAT Training

    For DOT and HAZMAT, our professional consultants provide training in record keeping, driver safety, drug and alcohol awareness for drivers (optional) and supervisors (which is mandatory per the FMCSA), Hazardous Materials (HM-126F), vehicle maintenance, and much more. Having your supervisors and drivers trained in safe DOT practices can greatly reduce the risk of injury or liability. To read more about our DOT services, visit this page.

    Online University

    Blakeman & Associates’ virtual university provides training materials for a wide variety of fields. Human Resource, General & Construction Industry, Transportation Industry as well as Food Safety training courses are available. Having the option to complete online courses can greatly reduce training costs and provide greater flexibility of training on your own schedule. Click here to view our Online University.

    Nursing Home Training

    Nursing homes have a unique set of business and regulatory requirements and Blakeman & Associates has designed a special set of services to meet those needs. Among the services we offer, Blakeman & Associates provides solutions for employee issues, safety concerns, HR, and training. In addition to the OSHA required safety courses and DADS required training, our nursing home training includes I-9 administration and auditing, supervisor skills, and driver safety training. To view other related services, check out our nursing home services page.

    If a topic of interest is not listed please make an inquiry and we will either locate a service provider for that topic or make a referral to fulfill your needs.