What is RAVS PLUS™?

Review and Verification Services (RAVS®) is a compliance standard used by ISNetworld® to determine whether or not a company has the required insurance documentation, safety protocol, and training necessary to be an approved contractor. Because a large number of contractors have received approval status from ISN® but have not actually had to prove the effective implementation of their safety and training programs, ISN® is beta-testing a new form of auditing (called RAVS PLUS™) to ensure that contractors have documented evidence of a comprehensive safety and disciplinary program.

RAVS PLUS™ is an audit tool that enables ISN® to determine the validity of questions answered and documentation uploaded into a contractor’s account. While it is currently being tested on a smaller scale, it appears ISN® will eventually make the audit a mandatory, graded requirement. The new auditing is a great way for ISN® to determine which contractors stretched the truth of their Health Safety & Environmental (HSE) program.

How This Impacts You

To counteract the unscrupulous third-party compliance companies that have zero concern of representing your company as it truly operates, ISNetworld® RAVS PLUS™ audit will have an onsite audit conducted by ISN® to determine a company’s actual safety practices. Contractor’s will be unable to use third-party companies to pencil-whip their ISN account into perfection when having to document actual implementation of their policies. The impact on the smaller contractors will be substantial. In our opinion, small businesses with less resources will have a harder time proving their safety culture on their own.

By relying on unsubstantiated safety approval, smaller businesses will likely be impacted the most by the addition of RAVS PLUS™. This is where Blakeman plays a valuable role. Our ISN® services are designed to provide the actual safety training and programs in addition to the documentation. A compliant ISN® approval status is built on legitimate safety infrastructure, not just click-of-the-button solutions that claim to satisfy requirements in “72 hours guaranteed.” With Blakeman’s 26+ years of HR, Safety and DOT compliance knowhow, we are here to help the small and large contractor navigate through this new compliance hurdle.

Contact Blakeman today. It’s important to be prepared for RAVS PLUS™, when it inevitably becomes a requirement.

How to Prepare

First, contact Blakeman & Associates to see how we can perform an onsite audit of your company and determine what risks you are currently facing, and whether or not there are gaps in your safety programs/training. We can offer services tailored to your business based on what the evaluation reveals, ensuring that your approval status with ISN® is backed with the right evidential documentation. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming changes with ISN® or if you need help with ISNetworld® compliance, contact Blakeman & Associates.