Nursing Home Services

Nursing home facilities face difficult challenges when it comes to state and federal compliance regarding safety (DADS, OSHA, and DOL) and human resource issues because of the dynamics of the environment and demands of the industry. Between the state and federal regulations, the high turnover rate of employees, and the numerous injuries common to nursing home employees, there is a huge need for help.


Our Nursing Home Services include:

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  • Safety Services
  • Training
  • Human Resources Support
  • Blakeman & Associates offers safety services, safety and HR training, and HR policies and procedures unique to the needs of nursing home facilities as well as unlimited telephone consultation for continuing support. If there is any issue you have that is not listed below, contact us and we will see if we can help.

    Blakeman & Associates also provides help with DOT, HR, Safety, and Contractor Compliance.

    Nursing Home Safety Services:

  • Safety Surveys (DADS, OSHA) – Blakeman & Associates’ safety consultants will conduct an extensive survey of the nursing home facility, the outside area, and any detached buildings. Issues that are not compliant with DADS and OSHA regulations will be identified and documented in a confidential report given to the owner and facility administrator. Our consultants may offer additional recommendations based on safety issues encountered at other facilities for your consideration. Our comprehensive safety surveys are conducted based on your specific needs and are often coupled with other nursing home safety services.
  • Safety Programs – Customized for the nursing home industry-specific requirements, our safety support program is designed to provide a safer working environment for employees while helping nursing homes meet compliance standards for OSHA — such as Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communication, Electrical, Lockout/Tagout, etc. — as well as DADS requirements. Having an effective safety program in place can improve the workplace environment and potentially reduce the chance of OSHA citations, avoiding costly fines.
  • Safety Support – Safety Support is one of our most valuable services for nursing homes and is an immensely helpful resource for owners, supervisors, administrators, maintenance employees and HR personnel. Our consultants provide advice on ways to improve workplace safety, how to prepare for state audits, strategies for maintaining OSHA compliance and DADS compliance, how to set up and maintain required maintenance logs, and much more.

  • Nursing Home Training:

    Safety training is required by the State and OSHA in various areas. Effective HR and safety training of supervisors and employees can greatly reduce turnover, injury rates, and help maintain a positive environment among staff and residents. Blakeman & Associates’ experienced consultants provide an effective and comprehensive range of training programs for key areas of safety and human resources.


  • Supervisors – Supervisors play a vital role in the successful operation of a nursing home but many supervisors struggle with the challenging work environment and dynamics of human resources. Blakeman & Associates trains in basic supervision, leadership, communication, the disciplinary process, how to handle difficult workers, terminations, harassment and more.
  • Human Resource Procedures – In addition to supervisor training, Blakeman teaches human resources personnel how to effectively follow and implement HR policies and procedures.  Human resources training can be conducted for individuals or groups. Blakeman also offers unlimited phone consultation for all types of human resource issues, including terminations, the disciplinary process, wage and hour issues, Family Medical Leave, ADA administration, unemployment concerns, and other day to day issues that may develop.
  • Driver Safety – Blakeman trains employees who are responsible for transporting residents to doctors and other various locations on how to ensure the vehicle is safe before and after use. Also, how to avoid distracted driving situations, city driving, road rage, and other behaviors that can cause harm to residents.
  • OSHA 300 Recordkeeping – Having your records in good order can prevent an extensive audit by OSHA that could potentially result in costly fines.  Blakeman’s OSHA 300 recordkeeping training will help you maintain current and accurate records and enable you to determine which injuries or illnesses must be recorded on the OSHA 300 Log and those that should not.
  • In-Service Training – In-service training is required by the State (Department of Aging & Disability) for all employees.  Blakeman & Associates’ nursing home in-service training covers health and safety topics such as bloodborne pathogens, food safety, fire extinguisher use, lockout/tagout, back safety, hazard communication, and other topics that may be requested.

  • Nursing Home HR Support

    Human Resources is the foundation to a positive and healthy workplace environment, but without proper training and resources, many nursing home human resource departments face high turnover rates and may struggle to find and keep reliable staff. The following services can bolster your HR department and help create a positive environment and culture at your facility.


  • Employee Policy Manuals – Blakeman & Associates’ 25 years of experience in Human Resource Consulting has generated a wealth of knowledge in employee management. Our Employee Policy Manuals are written to protect the employer’s interests while addressing the legal requirements that must be provided to employees.  Policy manuals are available in English or Spanish.
  • HR Procedure Manuals – Our HR procedure manual is a valuable resource for new and experienced HR specialists as it provides step by step  instruction and advice for interviewing, recruiting, hiring, the disciplinary process, performance appraisals, terminations, emergency procedures, file maintenance, OSHA 300 recordkeeping, and unemployment claims. This is an especially valuable tool for organizations that have multiple locations and/or those who have high management turnover. Procedure manuals are available in English or Spanish.
  • Internal Harassment and Discrimination Complaints – Blakeman & Associates will conduct harassment and discrimination investigations as well as provide consultation and training on how to handle internal discrimination and harassment complaints properly. Unlimited phone consultation is also available for these issues as well (see below).
  • EEOC – Consultation for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charges is available for nursing home facilities under our HR services.  We provide counsel on how to write a response to an EEOC charge, or we can gather information, conduct interviews and write the response for you.
  • I-9 Audits and Training – Blakeman will perform an audit of your I-9 Forms to ensure you are compliant with federal requirements, make recommendations for correction of issues, as well as train the person responsible for administration of the I-9 Forms. Note: “If you fail to properly complete, retain or make available for inspection Form I-9 as required by law, you may face civil money penalties in an amount of not less than $110 and not more than $1,100 for each violation.” (Department of Homeland Security)
  • Telephone Support – Blakeman and Associate offers unlimited safety and HR phone consultation for our clients to help new and experienced professionals. Human Resource issues occur daily and Blakeman’s 25 years of experience has proven invaluable in employee management. We are the go-to source for advice in dealing with these types of issues, including terminations, disciplinary issues, FMLA, ADA, wage and hour issues, harassment, and more.

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