Contractor Compliance

Blakeman & Associates offers:

  • All Safety Programs written to appropriate owner/client compliance standards.
  • Industry leading Online Safety Training Video covering 35 OSHA training topics.
  • Review and submittal of OSHA 300 Logs and Insurance Documentation.
  • Unsurpassed client focused maintenance customer support
  • A referral list that attests to Blakeman & Associates’ first class service, experience, and competence.

BLAKEMAN & ASSOCIATES is an industry leading Contractor Compliance (*ISNetworld®, PEC PremierPICSBROWZand consulting firm. Only trust a company that has what you need to become compliant. ISNetworld®, along with PICS, PEC and BROWZ offers data management of contractors and suppliers to owner-clients.  By collecting and verifying safety, procurement, quality and regulatory data these programs allow owner-clients to save time and other resources while finding the right fit for the job.

As your 3rd Party Administrator, Blakeman & Associates offers more than just bits and pieces of what you need to become compliant. We are THE ONLY Company that has the complete solution for your regulatory woes.

Blakeman & Associates has the proven resources and depth of knowledge to assist your company with all your compliance hurdles.  Our personalized, first class customer service allows us to take care of our clients no matter how large or small!  We are THE ONLY Company that has the complete solutions to your regulatory woes.

*Blakeman & Associates is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®. *ISN®, ISNetworld®, and RAVS® are registered trademarks of ISN Software Corporation.