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Blakeman & Associates has helped clients with the ISN® compliance process for years. We have the experience and expertise needed to help you understand what ISNetworld® is, how to use it to your advantage, and can help you anticipate the steps involved. Additionally, we provide the necessary documents, support, and guidance specific to your company. If you are new to ISNetworld®, confused about the process, or lack the time to devote to maintaining your account, Blakeman can help.

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    As clarified in our About ISNetworld® page, Review and Verification Services (RAVS®) are essentially a condensed version of a company’s safety program and are evaluated by ISN® as part of the review process. For the smaller company, Blakeman & Associates can provide and submit RAVS® on your behalf. However, we highly recommend that your company create an OSHA compliant safety program and not rely solely on your RAVS® for regulatory compliance.

    If you are unsure about the quality or compliance of your safety program, contact us today. We can review and suggest changes to your current safety program, or design a new one specifically for your company and industry. For our global clientele with a higher degree of sensitivity to regulatory compliance and needing the language of your safety program to be accurately reflected in your RAVS®, Blakeman can create RAVS® that directly reflect your company’s message.

    Safety Programs Support

    Although having RAVS® is a requirement with ISNetworld®, without a compliant safety program, contractors can be at risk with regulatory agencies. For example, OSHA has a number of required safety and health programs for the workplace, including bloodborne pathogens, fall protection, general safety and health programs, hazard communication standard, lockout/tagout, and more.

    Blakeman & Associates provides customized health and safety programs for our clients designed to meet their industry standards for regulatory compliance. Alternatively, we will review your existing safety programs and consult on possible shortcomings. This may include lack of detail in required safety programs, or lack of awareness of applicable safety programs that are required for your industry.

    Management System Questionnaire

    The Management System Questionnaire® (MSQ®) is a standardiz ed questionnaire that hiring clients (Owner/Clients) use as an evaluation method for potential contractors. The MSQ® is comprised of three basic sections: the General Quality MSQ®, the USA MSQ®, and the Commercial MSQ®. While the General and Commercial MSQ are approximately less than 100 questions each, the USA MSQ® can exceed 1700 questions. Blakeman will prepare you for and guide you through each section of the MSQ®, helping you understand questions that can be difficult to interpret.

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