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Human Resources

Today’s businesses face dynamic challenges in HR. Changes to HR regulations and interpretation of those regulations — as well as changes to best practices — demand that companies stay ahead of the curve in employee management, training, and support. Because of the complexities within HR, business have shown an increased interest in HR support programs. Although insurance, employee leasing, and related organizations provide HR generalist support, many companies find they need a highly specialized firm with the knowledge and experience relative to their specific problems to act as their own HR resource or to support their existing HR programs.

Our primary HR services include the following:


What is Employee Management HR Support?

Blakeman & Associates provides a comprehensive employee management program. The program includes developing HR policies, procedures, new hire forms and checklists, onsite training, consulting, and unlimited employee management telephone support to help HR mangers and management deal with day-to-day employee concerns. Whether you are a large or small business, new or a veteran to HR, Blakeman’s HR Support program provides the greatest amount of resources to your company and your employees.

Businesses can come to Blakeman for advice that stems from decades of industry knowledge rather than relying solely on Google searches or general legal advice that might not specifically address their problem. A new trend is that instead of depending on the limited HR support provided by PEO’s or related organizations, businesses are seeking more comprehensive HR support from HR specialists. Blakeman & Associates is a full service HR Compliance Consulting firm, providing total HR support to help balance the power gap between employees and employers.


Why Choose Blakeman?

Although the number of HR companies is rapidly growing, few have the decades of experience and industry knowledge that Blakeman & Associates has cultivated. Blakeman stays ahead of changes and interpretations in HR by consulting attorneys, the latest HR publications, problem solving on a day-to-day basis, and conducting our own research as necessary.

What would be new to an HR generalist is typically a problem we have already encountered multiple times and have already developed strategies and solutions to solve.

We have had the time and opportunity to develop sound business practices to deal with our clients’ employee issues.

Our experts know HR topics inside and out and have an authoritative understanding of the following organizations and prominent regulations and more:

Circuit Court
DOL Interpretations

Because of our experience and ability to interpret policies and regulations, Blakeman’s support program puts balance back in the employer-to-employee HR equation.

Our involvement with numerous industries and businesses of different sizes has given us exposure to dealing with HR problems and discovering solutions that attorneys and PEO’s could only dream of solving.

Through the years, Blakeman’s experts have learned to detect when a specific HR problem could potentially spider out to affect other aspects of a company. Our HR policies and procedures are developed with the intention of providing a comprehensive program for the novice and veteran business to better run a more compliant company.


Blakeman’s HR Services:

Blakeman understands how Human Resources plays into each aspect of business and provides services accordingly. Whether you need HR hotline services, employee policies and procedures, and/or onsite training or auditing, Blakeman has the solutions for your HR needs.


What Does Employee Management Mean?

Employee management is a term that encompasses a variety of obligations that the employer must fulfill or provide to the employees. These obligations can range from relatively simple tasks — such as payroll, promotions, W-2’s — to more complex matters such as handling harassment complaints, discrimination, and more.


HR Hotlines

HR Hotlines for Employers (HRHE)

Blakeman provides unlimited telephone support for employers who need expertise on employee management, termination, payroll, and more. Our HR consultants have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge on every subject, from management and leadership, to hiring and interviewing, as well as supervision and managing conflict. Blakeman’s employer hotline puts more power in the hands of the employer who may not have the confidence to handle challenging HR issues themselves.


Employee HR Hotline (EHRH)

Employees often need expert answers or impartial third party involvement with issues that may be sensitive. This hotline gives employees a way to anonymously or intentionally communicate their concerns directly to management without the pressure of conflict and emotion clouding the conversation. The hotline also provides management with a better picture of what is happening in the trenches on a day-to-day basis.

Coupling this service with our policies and procedures allows businesses to create a manageable HR environment. The hotline also serves as an effective means of mitigating sensitive issues such as harassment, discrimination, and more.


Employee Confidential Hotline Option (ECHO)

ECHO is for employers committed to maintaining a safe and compliant work environment. The Employee Confidential Hotline Option (ECHO) is a service that acts as a communication channel between the employer, employee, or customer. Our staff of trained operators document the call and ‘ECHO’ the information back to the employer. The information is documented exactly as received, then scrubbed for identifiers that may remove the anonymity of the caller. Having this communication buffer allows problems to be handled quickly and in-house, while preventing the company from unnecessary exposure to liability. This service is highly recommended as a mitigating tool to address discrimination, harassment, and immigration violations, whether the issue is with employees or customers.


Policies & Procedures

Blakeman & Associates has developed numerous HR policies and procedures to help businesses improve the hiring process and better manage their employees. These policies and procedures are available as HR manuals, or they can be taught to managers and employees to help satisfy training requirements or for general best practices.

In addition to policies and procedures, our HR manuals also contain new hire paperwork, forms, checklists, harassment policies, drug and alcohol policies, arbitration, and vehicle polices. Customized to address each company’s specific challenges, our policy/procedure manuals provide employee support from new hire through the end of their employment.

Contact Blakeman to begin the process of creating a manual specific to your company or to request policy/procedure training for your supervisors and management.


On Site Training & Audit

With decades of experience in employee management, HR training and auditing, Blakeman & Associates is your go-to resource for human resources training. Educating and training your HR department to properly recruit, hire, and develop new employees will strengthen the overall structure of your workforce. Long-term employees are the result of having a well-rounded, structured, and competent HR department that partners with the management team.

Our consultants provide training in basic management, leadership, communication, interviewing skills, team building, time management, and best practices. HR training is typically conducted on-site for our clients, which gives employees and management the opportunity to learn in a dynamic, group setting. The following is a list of some of our most popular HR training subjects:

– Hiring Process
– Sexual Harassment
– Other Harassment Issues
– Discrimination
– Recordkeeping
– Supervisor Skills Training

In addition to training, Blakeman can conduct a thorough on-site audit to help you identify gaps and exposures within your company. Following the audit, we provide a comprehensive report protected by the Audit Privilege Act. This gives companies the option to solve the problems in house or choose to use Blakeman as a solution. Based on the company’s needs, Blakeman can also develop an HR strategy of ongoing training, support, and services to ensure your employment process is simple, manageable, and effective.