DOT Services

DOT Services

Blakeman & Associates helps decrease the frequency, severity, and potential for crashes and negative roadside inspections involving commercial motor vehicles by assisting employers to develop safe work practices, training programs, and proper record retention for the transportation industry. By combining training services, comprehensive safety programs, consulting, field and record-keeping audits, and our new online Fleet Management Program, Blakeman ensures the best possible outcomes for clients involved in DOT and transportation.

  • CSA Score Services
  • Fleet Management
  • The New-Hire Process
  • Field Audit/Training
  • DOT Support Program


    Our DOT Regulatory Training and Compliance Services:

    Blakeman & Associates offers training and consulting on key areas of DOT compliance. The following topics are included in our DOT training services:

  • Adverse Weather Driving Awareness
  • DOT Administrative Training
  • DOT Support Program
  • Driver Safety/Vehicle Safety Training
  • Driver Fatigue/Distraction
  • Drug & Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Training
  • File Maintenance
  • Fleet Management
  • Field Audit/Training
  • How FMCSA Regulations Apply
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Hours of Service and Exemptions
  • New-Hire Process: PSP
  • Record Retention Best Practices
  • Understanding (CSA) Compliance, Safety, and Accountability Score and Ramifications

  • CSA Score Services

    An important aspect of DOT compliance is the CSA (Compliance, Safety, and Accountability) score, which is not only assigned to drivers, but also to their employer as well based on roadside inspection and safety compliance practices. Blakeman & Associates includes CSA training and awareness as part of our DOT services. Having effective training and awareness for safety best-practices can reduce the potential for incidents leading to a negative score.

    Recently, insurance carriers have begun reviewing and rating companies’ rates based on their CSA scores and OSHA history. However, insurance carriers typically have limited understanding of the scores, inspections, or citations and often misinterpret the nature of the accidents reported. Considering this can negatively affect insurance rates, Blakeman & Associates recommends proactively addressing negative scores and reported accidents at least six months prior to renewal of insurance policies.

    Recognizing these issues early and addressing them is the best way to prevent astronomical rate increases. With our involvement, Blakeman has seen positive results in controlling the overall insurance renewal process. Contact Blakeman & Associates for more details about our CSA services.

    Fleet Management

    Blakeman & Associates is proud to offer a new online record-keeping product for tracking DOT and Non-DOT fleet vehicles, drivers, and equipment. The Online Fleet Management System provides a convenient tool for online storage and tracking of Driver Qualification and equipment files. In addition, it can effectively decrease operating costs and improve asset management and efficiency. With our Fleet Management System, employers can access their company’s CSA score on a regular basis to monitor it and identify problem equipment and driver inspections.

    The New Hire Process

    Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) / Drug & Alcohol Policies & Training

    The new-hire process for commercial motor vehicle applicants is a minefield for the uninformed. Blakeman recommends that all employers run a Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) report on all Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) potential new-hires and a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) on current CDL drivers at a minimum of once a quarter. The PSP report differs from an MVR, which shows the full 3 year roadside inspection and 5 year crash history of a potential new candidate.

    In addition to having successful safety programs in place and effective DOT training, employers should have DOT application and hiring packets, as well as a DOT compliant drug and alcohol policy. For decades, Blakeman has been writing these policies and supplying up-to-date paperwork to process new CDL applicants.  By using the most current policies and procedures to screen applicants, combined with an effective training program for employees and supervisors, driver safety can be improved and liability can be greatly reduced.

    Blakeman & Associates also provides reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol training as well as awareness programs for supervisors and drivers. It is important to note that although drug and alcohol awareness is required for both supervisors and drivers, training is only mandatory for supervisors. However, it is generally advised that drivers also participate in drug and alcohol training as well.

    Field Audit/Training

    Our DOT consultants perform the following auditing services:

  • Administrative Training
  • CDL Medical Card Requirements
  • DOT Audit Preparation
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Review/Auditing
  • Driver Fatigue/Distraction
  • Drug & Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Training
  • Hours-of-Service Training
  • Inspection Review
  • Log Book Audit and Inspection of Files
  • Maintenance Files Review/Post Trip
  • Mock DOT Vehicle Inspections
  • Qualified Drivers
  • Requirements for Driver Qualification Files

  • DOT Support Program

    Blakeman & Associates’ DOT support program has been a beneficial resource to our clients for decades. Onsite consulting and training is combined with unlimited telephone support from Blakeman’s team of experts for a dynamic resource. In addition to consulting and training, our DOT clients have access to immigration labor and employment law attorneys. The combination of on-site and telephone support services creates an effective employee management tool for today’s DOT companies.

    As part of the Blakeman Retention Support Program, our team of professionals can conduct a comprehensive survey to determine the current needs of the company and evaluate the existing priorities. We offer a combination of safety, HR, and DOT auditing and training through the program, in addition to record-keeping evaluations. Customized for each client, the program is available in four- or eight- hour increments, with frequency determined based on the client’s needs.