How Often Do I Need to Get a New W-4

Am I responsible for collecting a new W-4 from each employee annually?

Do Employees Fill Out a New W-4 Each Year?

The end of the year is a stressful time for any business. It can be difficult to navigate through all of the tax codes and regulations to find out what you should be doing for your employees. One question we hear all the time is whether or not employees need to complete a new W-4 each and every year. Luckily, the answer to this one is straightforward.

Employees only need to update their W-4 withholdings when they want to make a change. It’s not necessary for each and every employee to fill out a brand new form each year.

Employees may change their W-4 withholdings at any time throughout the year as well. However, be sure to use the most recent W-4 form. You can be certain you’re using the appropriate paperwork by contacting Blakeman & Associates. Our Human Resources consultants can answer all of your important questions. You can also get much of the information you need by visiting the IRS’s website with the current W-4 form.

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  • April 3, 2013

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